Guitar Fingerboard Ebano, Special grade 

Fingerboard, Ebony, Special grade,G

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Diospyros ebenum.
    ORIGIN: Cameroon, Nigeria
    DESCRIPTION: Black colour. Density 1000 – 1275 Kg/m3
    RECOMMENDATIONS: Considered the #1 fingerboard material because of its smooth feeling, durability and aesthetics. Can crack easily when atmospheric conditions change
    USE: Stringed instrument fingerboard Guitar bridge and head plate Woodwinds


    Indian Ebony is less plentiful than West African Ebony and so you are less likely to find it in the market place, though it is commonly used for violin and other bowed instrument fittings. The wood is about 8% lower in weight than African Ebony, but has equal (excellent) compression strength and is similarly stable. We are assured of responsible harvest practices with third party oversight. Because we have not carried it long, we are not certain that the supply of this fine wood will be steady in the future.

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