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B & S, Brazilian Rw, Unique grade, Dreadnought

B & S, Brazilian Rw, Unique grade, Dreadnought 820

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dalbergia nigra

    COMMOM NAMES: Brazilian Rosewood, Rio Rosewood, Jacarandá da Bahia, Bahia Rosewood and Caviúna
    ORIGIN: Brazil from eastern forest of Bahia to Rio Janeiro.
    DESCRIPTION: Can vary in color from a darker chocolate brown to lighter purplish or reddish brown, whith darker contrasting streaks. Generally great workability, stability, excellent sonic properties.

    DENSITY: 940 Kg/m3
    RECOMMENDATIONS: Protected specie, under appendix I of CITES. Therefore I send out the U.S. states we provide the CITES license.
    USE: Guitar backs & sides, fingerboard, bridge and head plate.


    (550x210x3,2mm) x2

    (840x127x2,5mm) x2

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