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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Machaerium scleroxylon

COMMOM NAME: Bolivian Rosewood --Pau Ferro sometimes known as Santos Rosewood, Morado, or Palo Santos

ORIGIN: is grown in the Atlantic coastal region of Brazil and Bolivia.

DESCRIPTION: Pau Ferro is a dream to work with It bends like butter, and being a close pore wood it doesn't require grain fillers and virtually any finish adheres to it with very little difficulty. It also makes a strong visual statement with rich golds, browns and sometimes green shades with strong black grain lines and striking variegation in the higher grade sets. Density 1010 kg/m3.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Additionally, it currently does not have any export restrictions making it a great choice for builders with international clients.



(520x70x8 mm)

Fingerboard, Bolivian Rosewood, Special grade, Dread/CL

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