B & S, Indian Rosewood, AAA/1st grade, Dreadnought

B & S, Indian Rosewood, AAA/1st grade, Dreadnought

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dalbergia latifolia

    COMMOM NAMES: East Indian Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Sonokeling
    ORIGIN: India
    DESCRIPTION: Its color goes from red to light brown with golden streaks, but often presents several shades of purple that ends up becoming brown. Glue and finish well. It is easy to work and curves good by hand or machine
    DENSITY: 830 Kg/m3.
    RECOMMENDATIONS: Protected specie, under
    appendix II of CITES. Therefore I send out the U.S. states we provide the CITES license without charge.

    USE: Guitar backs & sides, fingerboard, bridge and head plate.


    (550x210x5mm) x2
    (800x120x4mm) x2 

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